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“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” 

Helen Keller

Shared Investment, Greater Impact

For stakeholders who have an interest in child development, social mobility and community cohesion and who are not satisfied with the status quo of existing services, Evolve is a multi-award winning social impact company that brings together like minded commissioners to share investments, which deliver real and intergenerational benefits to society

To achieve our mission of transforming the lives of children and young people we are looking to collaborate with people and organisations that share our vision and values. This mission has an impact that is much broader than the benefit seen by schools and their leaders.

By engaging fully with education and life, children become more independent and capable. They make better life decisions. These children become adults who are more likely to be economically successful, more likely to contribute to a strong social network, and more likely to enjoy a longer, healthier and happier life. Without this early intervention, local education systems struggle to manage the number of children excluded from mainstream education; the criminal justice system continues to keep up with the knife crime epidemic; and the NHS waiting lists for mental health provision grows even longer.

Here are some examples of our successful partnerships and collaborations:

Case Study

Impact on Urban Health

Impact on Urban Health fund and partner with others to tackle complex health issues more prevalent in urban areas. They believe that all children should have the same opportunities to be healthy and happy, no matter where they grow up. This intent shows clear synergy with our aspirations.

Our collaboration is within the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark and the focus has been to build a compelling body of evidence for our work that can be shared with other parts of the country.

Case Study

West Midlands Police

“Some of the signs that children and young people may be at greater risk of involvement in gangs or violence are present from birth. Strong predictors, such as substance use, can be seen in children as young as 7.”

Evolve is working closely with local and regional police forces and their violence reduction initiatives to support children and young people who are of concern to both parties but for very different reasons.

Using one intervention that delivers multiple outcomes for the same cohort is more effective, less expensive and easier for schools to adopt.

This prevention and early intervention approach has been embraced by the West Midlands Police Force:


Enabling all children to achieve their potential creates more independent people and communities. These stronger, more confident and capable people and communities are, in turn, able to support and develop the next generation. By making this generation stronger, the next generation will emerge even stronger. By supporting Evolve, you are giving freedom to countless generations.

Whether your focus is on one child, their wider community or the nation as a whole, investing in Evolve delivers unrivalled social and economic benefits.

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