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“Emotional wellbeing is a better predictor of success than demographics, how much your family makes or grades.”

Gutman and Vorhaus

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Online assessment, identification & measurement

For education providers concerned about the wellbeing and safeguarding of children and young people in their care, the Wellbeing Compass is an online assessment, identification and measurement system that tracks and reports key metrics in a reliable and convenient way


The Wellbeing Compass was initially designed to track the impact that Health Mentors made on improving the wellbeing of their mentees. Interest in the software from headteachers and senior leaders was such that we started using it to monitor the wellbeing of all pupils within schools.

This led to us using the platform to best identify pupils that would benefit most from Health Mentor input at the start of each academic year. Very often, analysis of survey results flagged pupils who were at risk of falling behind with their educational progress before this became evident to their class teacher.

Additionally, using the Wellbeing Compass with all pupils allows the school to benchmark wellbeing levels before and after programmes have been used to objectively assess their impact. In the case of Health Mentors, independent evaluations have repeatedly shown that the wellbeing levels of their mentees overtake school averages after three terms, despite having the lowest scores in the school at the start of the year.

Refined to be more effective & impactful

Evolution of the Wellbeing Compass now gives schools even more information about the health, wellbeing and learning performance of their pupils. This includes the following information and datasets:

  • Wellbeing – 24 questions covering the six key domains of sleep, emotional wellbeing, diet, personal development, physical activity and cognitive health
  • Mental Health – using a validated 8-question survey designed for 8-13 year olds
  • Classroom Climate – teacher survey to understand the learning environment and impact of trauma in classrooms
  • Mentoring Progress – feedback about individual pupil progress during intervention programmes
  • School Performance – links between wellbeing and learning are displayed using an API link with school MI systems

The Wellbeing Compass is used as a practical tool by frontline Health Mentors, teachers and pastoral staff on a daily basis. It has been designed and refined over a number of years to become an effective and user friendly platform that does a lot more than simply supply you with yet more data and information about your pupils.

If your interest is about improving wellbeing outcomes and identifying their impact on learning then you should be using the Wellbeing Compass.

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