Addressing Year 7 Social and Emotional Needs

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Addressing Year 7 Social and Emotional Needs

There has never been a greater time for an effective start to secondary school for Year 7 pupils. This is why we are pleased when we see secondary school leaders collaborating with their primary colleagues to make this happen.

Exam season is now upon us and, alongside the focus on end of key stage assessments, a number of secondary school headteachers have already commissioned Evolve to support them with the transition and engagement of Year 6 pupils and their parents. This outreach mentoring work that takes place after SATs is to inform them about a fun and educational programme called XLR8, which takes place for two weeks during the summer holidays.

These XLR8 courses are more than just activity based childcare programmes. They have been carefully designed and developed over ten years to prepare 10 and 11 year olds for the start of their secondary school education. Children learn more about getting around their new school, its values and expectations, and the structure of the day. Maybe more importantly, children make new friends with peers from other schools before they arrive in September.    

Successful summer transition courses focus on children who are most likely to benefit most from it. These children are often harder to reach using traditional recruitment methods such as invitation letters and phone calls to parents. 

A strategic partnership with Evolve and our team of Health Mentors can really make a difference to this transition engagement process, by not only relieving the already overstretched workload of Heads of Year 7, but also by supporting focused and meaningful community engagement.

This workforce may already have strong relationships with primary feeder schools, Year 6 children and their parents. Forward thinking secondary headteachers have already secured their services to increase uptake of places during the summer holiday and ensure that those who need it most are given every opportunity to attend.

Schools have until the end of May to lock-in this valuable support service and enhance their existing transition programmes. By acting now, secondary schools will save a lot of time during the Autumn term needed to address unmet social, emotional and other pastoral challenges.

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