Sunday Lie-Ins Found to be Detrimental to Learning

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Sunday Lie-Ins Found to be Detrimental to Learning

How Evolve’s Health Mentoring Programme contributes to improved sleep

We all know the importance of restful sleep. But did you know that a Sunday morning lie-in can have a negative impact on children’s start to the week? 

Today, children are getting less sleep than a decade ago, which can lead to inattentiveness and higher levels of stress whilst at school. Over a sustained period of time, poor sleep can even contribute to the development of mental health issues. It can be difficult for children to change poor sleeping habits independently. This is where Evolve Health Mentors come in.

In just one term, Health Mentors were able to help pupils improve pupils’ sleep ratings by up to 22%.

The sleep domain in the Wellbeing Compass measures different aspects of children’s sleeping patterns, including the time they generally wake-up and fall asleep, and the use of devices before bedtime. In a West Midlands school, our Health Mentor was able to help improve their mentees’ sleep ratings by 22% and significantly reduce their device usage. Collectively after just a few months of mentoring, mentees were falling asleep earlier and waking up earlier, meaning that they were more prepared for the following school day.

But how did Health Mentors help them to achieve this?

Individual and group mentoring sessions are the cornerstone for all outcomes achieved by Health Mentors. In this case, improved sleep hygiene of their mentees. Educational sessions are based on scientific evidence about sleep and are delivered interactively, to facilitate greater engagement and retention. Content includes information about sleep hygiene, so that mentees are aware of what can positively and negatively affect their sleep.

More practical interventions are also present in Evolve programmes. This includes physical activity initiatives like Wake and Shake. Wake and Shake is a great way in which Health Mentors energise pupils in the morning before school. When performed outside in natural light, this can help regulate children’s circadian rhythms.

Other practical initiatives are equally effective in improving sleep length and quality. These includes strategies to reduce stress. Showing children easy ways in which they can implement these techniques at home arms them with the ability to take control of this critical aspect of their lives. Moreover, through discussions with parents at the school gates, Health Mentors have further added to the lines of communication on this important topic.

Sleep is incredibly important for children due to its significant impact on their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. By teaching mentees important information about sleep hygiene, and working with them to implement positive interventions, Health Mentors have improved their sleeping patterns in just one 12 week term. 

Please contact us to learn more about how Health Mentors can support your school objectives and development plan.

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