Improving Children’s Wellbeing through Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy, or the belief in your own ability to handle different situations or achieve certain goals, has been shown to be linked to a range of outcomes for children. These links include overall wellbeing and academic performance. With children’s wellbeing frequently in the news headlines, it is surprising that this link with self efficacy is rarely […]

Precision Schooling and the Covid Excuse

The challenges facing the education system are well known by those who work in the sector and parents of the 10 million children currently relying upon UK schools. One of the main challenges is the rise in unacceptable behaviour in classrooms, recently summarised in this TES post – School Behaviour – Is it really getting […]

Addressing the Recovery of Children’s Social Skills

As teachers across the country report that children are far less emotionally developed than expected for their age, over 67% of teachers have observed a decline in pupils’ behaviour since the pandemic. With this in mind, an increasing number of schools are now working in partnership with Evolve to support their recovery plans. Multiple nationwide […]

Breaking Sedentary Habits: How Evolve is Improving Children’s Physical Activity Levels

The 2022/23 Active Lives Children and Young People survey reported that only 47% of children are meeting the Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines, of 60 minutes or more exercise per day.  The implications of low physical activity levels for children can be severe and long-lasting. The most apparent effect is on children’s physical health, […]