Making prevention a trusted option

Mental health illnesses start young through trauma and life experiences and can last a lifetime. Yet so can positive traits, self-care and strengths. We spend a lot of time chasing solutions for things that have happened and very little time on what might happen. Our social strategy is to correct when we see the problem. […]

School Budgets – What Evolve Can Contribute.

According to an article in The Conversation (Schools in England are facing bankruptcy – here’s what the government could do to help (, it will take less than two years for inflation to eat the cash reserves of all our secondary schools. An inflation rate of 8.8% is a large part of the problem (Consumer price […]

Looking at impact differently has led to a New Social Finance Model

Across the various Evolve programmes there is a constant focus on impact. This year sees the implementation of an improved customer service and quality management system. Fortunately, the actual process is more imaginative than our naming, as internally we refer to it all as the Quality Management System, or QMS. We are constantly working to […]