Meet the Mentors: Greta Mehmeti

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Meet the Mentors: Greta Mehmeti

The Path to Evolve

After completing her degree in Policing and Criminal Justice, Greta applied to become a Health Mentor primarily for the experience she’d gain working with more vulnerable children. She already had an interest in the mental health side of her studies and knew that she’d be able to work and communicate well with children. 

It’s hard to believe that was 3 years ago, and Greta is now establishing herself as one of our Senior Health Mentors. She has fully embraced her role, contributing significantly to our team and positively impacting children’s health and wellbeing with her dedication and expertise.

Highlights of being a Health Mentor

For Greta, the most rewarding aspect of her job is the dynamic nature of each day. No two days are the same, bringing fresh challenges and opportunities to connect with her mentees. She takes great pride in being able to reach out and connect with pupils that others have struggled to engage with, making a meaningful impact on their lives. Daily encounters with her mentees, especially during playground supervision, allow her to witness first-hand the positive changes in their behaviour. This constant interaction and the visible progress in the pupils she mentors is what makes her role so fulfilling.

Challenges of being a Health Mentor 

One of Greta’s initial challenges was integrating into the school environment, which could feel isolating at first. Building relationships with the staff took time, but it was essential for creating a more supportive educational environment. Communicating with parents, often about behavioural issues, required patience and skill, but Greta found that effective dialogue was key to making progress. Additionally, gaining respect from the kids, while appearing as a relatable young adult, helped bridge the gap and fostered mutual respect. Despite the challenges, Greta quickly and professionally overcame them, solidifying her position as one of our strongest Health Mentors.

Significant Achievements

Greta’s greatest achievements as a Health Mentor are a testament to her dedication and skill. She has built strong relationships with the senior leadership team and learned effective communication with both kids and adults in a primary school setting. Greta excels in building confidence and trusting relationships with more troubled pupils, helping them become calmer, better communicators, and to be better behaved in class. 

One standout success story involves a mentee with autism whom Greta worked with for two years. Initially struggling to cope, the child exhibited bad behaviour, shouting, and dismissing himself from the classroom. Through trial and error, Greta discovered that a good balance of movement breaks and class time was crucial in building a relationship without disrupting his education. Over time, she managed to get through to him, leading to significant improvements in his behaviour, self-awareness, and willingness to apologise and make progress. Greta’s dedication and tailored approach have made a significant impact on this mentee’s life and experience at school.

Greta has also continued her own personal learning and development, supported by Evolve,  and this was recognised at Evolve’s National Conference in 2023 where she won the Evolve Learner of the Year award.

Why Health Mentors are so Important 

From Greta’s point of view, Health Mentors play a crucial role in schools due to their constant presence and accessibility for all pupils across the school. They can quickly recognise and address destructive behaviours, often picking up on issues during playground interactions and through their strong relationships with students. Health Mentors provide invaluable opportunities for conversations through morning and after-school clubs, making support more accessible. Their collaboration with more senior staff allows for a more cohesive approach to student well-being.