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People and Planet First

Evolve is officially verified with People and Planet First.

What is People and Planet First?

The People and Planet First verification is a global certification designed to recognise and support social enterprises committed to prioritising people and the planet over profit.

Verification is awarded to organisations that: 

  • Are purpose-driven in existence.
  • Prioritise purpose, people, and planet in decision-making.
  • Have a self-sustaining revenue model.
  • Reinvest surplus towards its purpose.
  • Have a set-up that ensures its long-term commitment to its purpose. 

This certification represents dedication to our socially responsible business practices and significant investment in our greatest asset, our people. We are pleased to celebrate this achievement and remain dedicated to developing our purpose-driven business practices even further in the years to come.

If other social enterprises would like to become People and Planet First Verified, please visit to find out if your company can also benefit from access to a huge global market, pro-bono legal services, and the status of a trusted seller for social procurement contracts.