HERO at Home

HERO at Home is our new set of home learning resources for parents and carers to enhance their children’s learning and improve their wellbeing at home.

The resources include fun daily exercise challenges, brain health activities and more, all created by our expert team of Health Mentors to support our mission of raising healthier, happier and smarter children.

Below is the latest selection of resources for HERO at Home activities. Remember to check back daily for the latest ideas and challenges to complete at home.

PB:ME Activities

Personal Best: My Effort (PB:ME) are a set of daily challenges that you aim to complete and improve your own personal score each day.

Download your scorecard to keep track of your improvements each day and set yourself a target to improve your score by the end of the week.

PB:ME Scorecard

PB:ME Memory Test

How do I complete the Memory Test (Parents’ Guide)
PB:ME Memory Test (Part 1) – Video
PB:ME Memory Test (Part 2) – Video

Memory Test Slides

PB:ME Speed Typing

How do I complete the Speed Typing Challenge
PB:ME Speed Typing (part 1) – Video
PB:ME Speed Typing (part 2) – Video

PB:ME Speed Bounce

How do I complete the Speed Bounce Challenge
PB:ME Speed Bounce – Video

Physical Activity Challenges

For access to all of our daily physical activity challenges, visit our YouTube channel Evolve: A Social Impact Company.

Mentoring Resources

Please come back later in the week when these will be available

Daily Health Discussions

Please come back later in the week when these will be available

Classroom Movers

Classroom Movers is our online Physical activity tool. There is a wide range of online physical activity videos for you to complete at home. To access this online tool simply visit www.classroommovers.com/contact and fill in your details to receive access to the website.