This will vary depending upon the specific needs of each school. However, the key factors are days per week; terms per year and academic years. Evidence suggests that Health Mentors have the greatest impact when they are based in the same school for five days per week. However, we realise that school budgets may not allow for this so we recommend a minimum of two days per week in order for the Health Mentor to have sufficient time to develop relationships with pupils. Although we can be used as an effective "quick fix", the real benefits of Project HE:RO are realised in Term 3 where it has been demonstrated that pupil progress accelerates at a much faster rate. Some Project HE:RO clients have worked with Evolve for almost 10 years. At the end of Year 1 we often continue to support schools but focussing on different children and/or year groups. Project HE:RO is most effective when it is included within school development plans.
Yes. All Health Mentors have enhanced DBS certificates and clients receive individual profiles for each member of staff that contain key information including contact details, relevant qualifications and DBS details.
Attendance rates of Health Mentors are excellent. However, should a Health Mentor be absent through illness or injury, we will do our best to provide cover and this will often be provided by our Regional Managers so that they gain valuable additional insight into your school and pupils. This will enable Regional Managers to provide more effective and tailored support to Health Mentors upon their return to school. Credit notes will be only provided in extreme instances and on a case by case basis when a Health Mentor is absent for a sustained period of time.
Health Mentors are highly trained due to the new and important role they have. This training includes:
  1. Boot Camp induction week
  2. Level 4 Qualification in Health Mentoring (60 university credits)
  3. Ongoing CPD and performance development support
  4. Termly Team Meetings
  5. Annual Staff Conference
  6. Peer Mentoring Programme
  7. MSc / MA in Workbased Learning (Health Mentor)